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  • Shortstache Signature Edition - Polarizer + Black Mist 

  • Emulates Garrett King’s Shooting Styles/Looks 

  • Aluminum frame finished in a subtle matte green colorway 

  • 16 Layer Coating - Anti-Scratch / Anti-Reflective / Anti-Fingerprint 

  • “Everyday” (¼ mist) - diffusion strength for subtle highlight halation 

  • “Mist + PL” (½ mist) - diffusion strength for a stylized vintage appearance 

  • All new Chroma Polarizer Glass provides zero color shift and exceptional clarity

  • 95mm Course Thread for Canon RF 28-70mm




We teamed up with Garrett King, aka Shortstache, to create a unique filter combo that embodies his signature photo aesthetic - a Polarizer + Black Mist. Deemed as the “Everyday Filter”, it’s one that combines two sought after effects and one that can stay loaded on your lens. The Circular Polarizer aspect gives the image a sharp clean look, while the subtle mist diffusion adds a slight blooming to the highlights, bringing back a hint of filmic character. Each filter is finished in a Shortstache favored tone of matte green to match his production style and subtly add to your rig’s appearance.


Signature Matte Green Aluminum Frame


Shortstache’s signature colorway gives the filter a unique, low profile look on your lens.



Choose from two diffusion strengths


EveryDay 1/4 Strength - Black Mist provides subtle halation and blooming of highlights while retaining depth in shadows/black tones. This gives your image additional dimension and character in camera

Mist + PL 1/2 Strength - A more stylized filmic look with a stronger effect. This blooms light sources giving your image even more dimension than the Everyday version. Emulates a look similar to filmic motion pictures.



From Film to Run N Gun


The Combination of a polarizer for powerful reflection reduction and black mist for softening highlights create a subtle look from film photography to commercial video shoots.



New Chroma Polarizer Glass


All new polarizer tech enabled us to create a polarizer filter which provides perfect color neutrality giving you the perfect base to edit from.





Provides subtle halation and blooming of highlights, while retaining depth in shadows/dark tones.




A more stylized, filmic strength to emulate vintage looks.

Shortstache Filter - BlackMist + Polarizer (95mm)

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