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  • Use as Sling, Shoulder, or Neck Strap
  • Holds Pro DSLR or Mirrorless Camera
  • Adjustable Length from 39 to 57"
  • Anchors Connect to Camera Lugs or Mount
  • Designed to Hold up to 200 lb of Gear
  • Reversible Smooth and Nonslip Sides
  • Nylon Webbing Construction
  • Four Anchors and Anchor Mount




Strong Strap, Great Versatility

Carry your equipment in comfort and style with this black Slide Camera Strap from Peak Design. Well-designed, it has full stability and a versatile connection with a generous 39 to 57" adjustable length. This strong and secure strap holds up to 200 pounds of gear and easily supports most of the heaviest pro DSLRs and binoculars.


Upgraded Peak Design Quality

This strap is an upgrade from previous versions with even greater security, a lower profile, and high-quality materials.


  • Revamped anchor connectors attach to the eyelets of your camera or the included anchor mount.


  • Made from ultrasmooth nylon webbing with a tighter and more durable weave, the Slide is internally padded to ensure comfortable use.


The Slide is 1.8" wide and can be configured to wear as a sling, shoulder strap, or neck strap.


  • One side is smooth for sliding the camera to your eye when used as a sling and the other side has an effective silicone grip to prevent it from slipping from your neck or shoulder.


  • The four anchors can be attached and detached from the strap one-handed, or left on the eyelets to allow easy switching between cameras while shooting.


Peak Design Slide Camera Strap (Black)

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