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  • Retractable Polyester Fabric
  • Matte White Wrinkle-Free Background
  • Integrated Metal Case with Handles
  • For Product, Portraits, and Headshots




Use this white, 5 x 7' fabric Pro Rapid Portable Background from Impact to shoot everything from headshots to interviews to product photography in the studio and on location.



  • Working area measures 58 x 80"
  • Use for headshots, interviews, or product shots in the studio or on location
  • Thick opaque white fabric
  • White color is useful for showing accurate detail so your subject or product will pop without any background distractions or color clashes
  • Background light won't bleed through the fabric, so whatever happens behind the screen won't compromise the lighting or exposure



  • Internal scissor frame stretches the fabric tight and removes wrinkles that can create uneven light
  • Spring-loaded roller allows you to raise and lower the screen quickly and effortlessly with one hand, even if you're holding gear like a boom or a camera
  • The spring-loaded roller also assures smooth motion when setting up or adjusting the height and keeps the screen tightly rolled to fit inside its case
  • Swivel feet provide a stable base, so the screen doesn't rock or move during shooting


Transport and Storage

  • Collapsible design sets up in seconds
  • Comes in a metal case for travel
  • Metal end caps on case for additional protection
  • Case handle is centered for balance to make it easy to carry
  • Two snap locks for a firm seal to keep dust and moisture out

Impact Pro Rapid Portable Background (White, 5 x 7')

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