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  • For Wireless Speedlite Setups
  • For Canon Cameras w/ Multi-Function Shoe
  • Powered Directly from Camera
  • No Battery or Cabling Required
  • 5 Groups or 15 Individual Speedlites
  • 98.4' Wireless Range
  • Settings Adjustment via Camera




Dedicated to select Canon cameras featuring a Multi-Function Shoe, such as the Canon R3, the ST-E10 Speedlite Transmitter is a compact, lightweight transmitter capable of triggering up to five groups or 15 individual Speedlites within a 98.4' range. Connecting directly to the Multi-Function Shoe, it doesn't require any batteries or cable connections for use, and there is a more reliable connection this way compared to line-of-sight transmissions.


By streamlining the design and removing the battery and ports, the ST-E10 also features an impressively compact and lightweight design with an intuitive single-button interface that enables making settings adjustments via the camera's own menu system or a connected mobile device.


• Compatible with Canon cameras featuring a Multi-Function Shoe, such as the Canon R3, this transmitter digitally connects to the camera via this shoe and also receives power from it; no batteries or connection cables required.


• Control and change settings for five independent groups or for up to 15 individual Speedlites.


• Wireless radio system uses 2-way radio wave communication for enhanced communication among units, including the ability to change settings such as mode, power, ratios, and recycle status, with a transmission distance of up to 98.4'.


• Menu button works in conjunction with the camera's own menu system, and flash settings adjustments can be made via the camera interface.


• Flash settings can also be adjusted via a mobile device that is paired to the camera and running the Canon Camera Connect app.

Canon ST-E10 Speedlite Transmitter

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