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  • Limited Launch Quantity of 75 units 

  • Peter McKinnon Signature Filter - combines Polarization and Variable ND 

  • All New Chroma™ Glass - provides unrivaled neutral color accuracy 

  • Bi-Rotational Design - enables independent polarization control from VND setting 

  • 16 Layer Coating - Anti-Scratch / Anti-Reflective / Anti-Fingerprint 

  • “Black Mist - VND/PL” (¼ mist) - diffusion strength for subtle highlight halation while retaining deep blacks 

  • “Gold Mist - VND/PL” (¼ mist) - diffusion strength for subtle gold highlight rolloff

  • Available in 95mm Course




We’ve teamed up with Peter McKinnon for another innovative filter design, this time with the objective of crafting a combo to reduce glare/reflections, while also reducing shutter speeds to cinematic levels - VND + Polarizer. The adjustable polarizer provides a sharp, clean look to the image and the VND assists by enabling you to dial in precise exposure for outdoor shooting. This setup features our all new Chroma™ Glass, which allows us to place a Polarizer into the Variable ND and produce extremely neutral color accuracy. Additional variations include the VND/PL with a ¼ Black Mist or ¼ Gold Mist, to add subtle diffusion to surrounding highlights.


Independent Polarization

This key feature allows you to custom tune your polarization to each scene. Depending on whether you want it disengaged from the image or fully engaged for maximum glare reduction, the creative touch is in your hands.


Chroma Series Glass

This all new glass formula produces unrivaled color accuracy and enabled us to combine a Polarizer with a Variable ND into a single filter.



This 3-in-1 setup combines a Polarizer, VND, and ¼ Black Mist into a single filter element. This rids the need for stacking multiple filters in order to craft a unique look, such as one that incorporates subtle halation around areas of highlight, while retaining deep black shadows.



Another variation of the 3-in-1 filter, this combo has a Polarizer, VND, and ¼ Gold Mist packaged as one, eliminating the need to stack filters. In addition to the benefits of a Variable ND and Polarizer, the Gold Mist works to create a warming effect on highlights by blooming them slightly gold.






Haptic Feedback Locks In Your Stops

Haptic feedback allows you to feel each VND stop lock into place and makes it easier to rotate the polarizer without moving the VND.


Defender360™ Provides Unmatched Protection

With a full 360 degree encasement, this is the absolute highest level of filter protection available, regardless of if it’s on-camera or stowed away in your bag. The innovative Defender360 brings full coverage no matter where your filter is placed.



Works to reduce lighting, so you can shoot at double frame rate to capture motion naturally with an added subtle blur. Also utilized for capturing long exposure photography.



Rotates to give you full control of reflections on the ground, windows, vehicles, and water. Choose to fully engage the tunable polarizer to max reduction or leave it untouched to include reflections in your frame.



This unique mist takes excessive sharpness off your digital lenses to create smooth and subtle highlight roll-off, while also blooming light sources. The Black Mist is key for retaining deep shadow detail.



Similar to other mists, it takes excessive sharpness off your digital lenses. The gold aspect creates smooth and subtle golden highlight roll-off and blooms the sources gold to add a hint of warmth to you image and offer a filmic look.


The Benefits Of This Filter Combination

1. Eliminates stacking - Zero vignetting 
2. Lower profile - Leave it on your lens 
3. Faster setup speed and filter swaps 
4. Less Filters - Less bag weight and more carry space

(4X) Chroma VND/PL + Black Mist / Gold Mist - McKinnon Series (95mm)

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