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Pushing Through Challenges: Skateboarding's Lessons for Hollywood's Hustle

This past year in Hollywood was a rollercoaster - unpredictable and full of twists. Yet, just like in skateboarding, it taught me the importance of staying scrappy, persevering, and knowing when to pivot.

Growing up skating instilled in me a resilience and an independent style that I've carried into my career in the film industry. It’s not just about landing the perfect trick; it’s about getting up again after you fall. My approach to creative editorial work is infused with this spirit.

This year, more than ever, reminded me of why we pursue our passions. It's not just for the thrill of success but for the love of the craft. In the face of instability and surprises, my passion for film, much like my passion for skateboarding, keeps me going. It's about falling down seven times but standing up eight. If you truly love what you do, you find that inner strength to persevere.

To everyone navigating their path in creative fields or any profession, remember: the passion for your craft is your biggest motivator. Stay true to it, embrace the falls, and keep pushing forward. The ride might be bumpy, but it's worth every moment. Let’s keep rolling into the future with resilience and style. The ride? Totally worth it.

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The wave doesn’t take you! You ride the wave!

Keep riding!!!

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